Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Gathering

So I spent the weekend in a field near Derby. It was pretty good, not least because the Terror was packed off to Nana's and I got to stay up, drink, go to battles and things like that, instead of running around trying to keep him entertained. Again I spent the first couple of days not doing as much as I wanted - although I managed some gate duty and a bit of healing. Then Sunday - lots of healing. Lots and lots. Thanks to People's Day I was also High Alchemist, but thankfully didn't have to do anything. Then failed to go monstering with the rest, meaning I was the only healer in camp when we got attacked. By our own players. I never again want to be told I'm too important to risk being hit and be ordered into a tent. It's scary.

Missed the ritual I really wanted to watch, but got to see a couple of others which were cool. Got Advanced Healing which is useful. Had panic attack in queue to get new character card after buying that, which was less good, but person in queue next to me was fantastic and took it to the front for me and said he'd bring it out to me so I could escape the claustrophobia-inducing tent. Of course, then the laminator jammed....I got it in the end and got back in camp just in time for the end of the muster where I got pointed out and given a round of applause for the aforementioned attack wherein I apparently acquitted myself well. So I was kind of glad for the delay, or I might have died of embarrassment while Karen was explaining what had happened. It's even been mentioned on our group website (you'll have to work out my character name, I'm not that generous). I feel I'm never going to live this down...

So all in all, fun. The Terror also had a fun and action-packed weekend, including a visit to a farm and a ride on a pony, so I felt less bad about leaving him behind. Still haven't managed to get back into a working mood though. And the starting school panic will surely set in before long....

Friday, August 15, 2008

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Playing with Flock

Flock is based on Firefox, but meant to put social networking and all that jazz at the forefront of the user's web experience. Or something.

It's kind of cool. Still not sure I prefer it to good ol' Firefox with all my usual extensions. But it's not bad. Not bad at all.
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