Friday, October 26, 2007

On why running out of medicine is a bad thing

This week has gone by in a blur.

Sunday was the Terror's party which involved me panicking and calming down and absolving myself of all responsibilty for being a good hostess and thus surviving the event. I even managed to help deal with party bags. Unfortunately, Hubby was on hyper-stress-alert and thus found the whole thing draining. We finally got him calmed down later, only to have the whole family descend again and he got dumped with organising dinner...after two failed calls to favourite eateries we settled on fish and chips takeaway. Which was good all round.

Monday everyone left and life almost settled down to normal. Slight problem in that I'd run out of happy pills by this point and couldn't pick up my prescription until the end of the Tuesday when it had finally been signed. So I was a bit....wobbly. Not as bad as I could have been. But extra stress for Hubby. And a major factor in not getting anything done this week.

Wednesday and Thursday both involved trips into town - for drugs and post office to collect late pressies (thanks C&J and TAB!) and then again for comics naturally. We also picked up Zombie Fluxx which should be fun for next Wednesday if my game falters again. Having had no preperation it didn't go too well and I ended up throwing plot stuff at the players in the hope they might think of something to do. Which they did, so I suppose it worked as a GM tactic.

And today also wizzed by, partly because Hubby set off larping - it's the Lions' Winter Parliament this weekend - and partly I suspect because I'm just getting used to full dosage of citalopram again. Admittedly the sherry may have something to do with the last two hours disappearing. I swear I haven't had that much....

Oh - and in disasterous news - Moniack have changed the shape of their mead bottles! Slightly thinner and taller - less good for necking and more importantly the wrong shape for the Moniack pouches Darkblade do! I propose a letter writing campaign....

And finally, because at least one person has asked for it, I've put my entry for Pulp Idol 2 online here. It's not that terrific - too much superfluous scene-setting, Over-Capitalisation-Of-Doom!™, the plot fizzles and the ending is slighty deus ex mathematica. But I finished it which is something of an achievement in itself I suppose.

Now, to bed!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Friends, Family, Comics and a Train Set

It's been a hectic week.

Last weekend was spent in Birmingham at the International Comics Show with best friend R. We had a great time: drank too much, spent not enough and got far few too autographs. I got to speak to Paul Cornell (and bounce about to people all week afterwards) and didn't get a sketch of Deadpool from Staz Johnson. We resolved to go next year, and I'll take the family too. Terror can dress up and look at all the pictures of superheroes, Hubby can geek-out as well. And some families go to Butlins....

R stayed for a few days after we got back to York, but being used to being by herself was happy wandering around town and writing and sketching. The con got her writer-juices flowing again and she's resolved to finish the first draft of her magnum opus (seven years in the making) by my birthday. I'll be the first, possibly second, maybe third, fourth, etc., person to see it. She's also concluded that the graphic novel medium is probably best, altthough that does mean she'll have to find an artist. As for myself....I've recovered from SFX's Pulp Idol II competition and might start writing again. Someday. Starting this blog is a step in the right direction I guess.

No sooner had R left than we had to start preparing for the family arriving. I had my first ever filling yesterday, which wasn't so bad but I appear to have broken it already. Oops. Went to cavery last night with Nana and the Terror mostly behaved but was very tired. Today, his actual birthday, was far too exciting all round. With my family down as well there were ten of us squashed into our little house. Terror was quite happy with all his presents but unsuprisingly once Grandma and Granddad brought his Take-Along-Thomas train set little else got his attention. He dragged us to the park a couple of times, and loved the attention of all four grandparents I think. Ate little of his birthday tea and didn't even finish his cake (Tardis cake today). Tomorrow morning is his birthday party with friends from nursery at Creepy Crawlies. At least someone else is doing the majority of the organising. We have got some toys to add to party bags and the cake of course (balloons on this one). And the Terror will be accompanied by a complete entourage of grown-ups, somewhat abusing the free entry for adults with a party I guess. Should be another fun day and then hopefully things will settle down for a bit. Before the build up to Christmas of course....