Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Another "I aten't dead" post

I have a half-written post about larp that just kind of dwindled as I couldn't remember what I actually did. I could do another "Seven Things" update, but the only real news is that we have booked a trip to Dublin - it's actually happening! I, of course, did nothing to arrange it, but then I'd have taken forever to decide when would be best, let alone find somewhere to stay, so J did it all and now the train and ferry tickets have arrived and the B&B is booked. We're actually invading Ireland at the end of this month.

Still somehow surviving work. Even managed to read a little - took the death of one of my favourite authors but I broke out of my "must read all the books I haven't read yet - in alphabetical order" regime, and re-read "The Crow Road" - a book I cannot recommend enough. Seriously, just go read it. Even if you have already. It's totally worth it. And has the best opening line in fiction ever. Fact.

So I've been reading a little bit more, but still playing games on my phone more than, well, anything else. Day-to-day things have been getting done, but it does feel like I'm just scraping by sometimes. Even when I remember I need new work shoes, I then fail to find any I like or that fit. Housework gets done and then it's bedtime. Weekly game has just been passing me by, and I've tried paying attention, honest! It's July already, nearly summer holidays. Have the vaguest feeling I had more plans for this year, for my life, but I can't quite grasp hold of what they might have been. Apart from unobtainable because I don't have the sticking power to keep trying something,or the determination to even find the time to start.

But we're going to Dublin. That's something. I probably won't remember to blog about it though.