Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Convoluted History of My Campaign*, Part Two C: Adventures in Time and Space (In Character)

The First Bit, The Second Bit

Charles, Mouse, the Drow and the Warlord touched a magic mirror and found themselves teleported to a small room at the top of a tall tower. Thanks to some clues left by previous explorers, and the Warlord's uncanny knowedge of history, they managed to establish this tower belonged to a castle that was under seige and existed about three hundred years in their past. The area was apparently caught in some sort of time loop, resetting after the beseiging general was killed by a demonic arrow. After trying various other methods of saving the general's life, they decided to avoid confronting the demon prince directly, and instead took on his mortal ally, the beseiged king. Butchering him and taking command of the castle, they surrendered to the surrounding army and were then able to leave via the portal they arrived through.

Back in their present, they headed for the coast to hire builders and ignore Dungeon Master's heavy hints about finding the lucky stones. Instead, after destroying a proto-railway, capturing a pirate ship, setting up their own shipping business and taking over a mine by force, they set off to investigate areas of Shadowfell "taint" in the region. The first they went to had a haunted bridge, and after dealing with the undead there they were approached by a farmer who had a wight problem in one of his fields. The three battle wights caused little trouble for the heros, but as Charles approached a treasure chest he suddenly froze in mid air.

Dungeon Master turned up to berate them for wandering off, and, after careful examination, came to the conclusion that Charles was caught in a Time Trap - frozen in stasis until a predetermined instance when he would be let free as if nothing had happened to him. With no way of knowing how long he might be held in the trap, the party decided to travel south, to find a group of mages who studied time magic.

They sailed to Somewhere South on one of their own ships. After a storm, they needed to stop for repairs at an unmapped island. As they headed inland to find drinking water, they were attacked by Sahuagin. Following them back to the other side of the island, they found a cave occupied by their leader - a young Bronze dragon. Rather than just killing it, as they had with all its followers, they convinced it they were Treasure Tax Collectors and raided its hoard. Among the items they took was one of the very stones that Dungeon Master had been urging them to find. And a shark's head in a jar.

From Somewhere South, they struck out south east across land, finding another dragon to kill/tax and showing up a local lord who had run a group of kenku off their own land. On hearing of a necromancer that had been hunting for a tomb of a tiefling empress, they decided to investigate, wondering if it was the Magus. They found the tomb, and despite lacking their cleric, they managed to destroy all the undead within. To their surprise, the necromancer was not the Magus, but was a familiar face - the wizard who had been Tom's character before the Warlord. Claiming the Warlord has stolen his "soul", the wizard fought them angrily, but they spared his life and decided to take him with them until something could be sorted out. The Drow decided to ask Dave (the GM) if another player could be found for the wizard. Mouse, utterly confused by the whole situation, found herself on the receiving end of a sermon about the creator Dave and how her fellow adventurers weren't actually from this world at all. Fortunately, crazier beliefs exist in the world, so she didn't run away from them just then.

As they continued on their journey, they passed through a swamp and were ambushed by some snaketongue cultists. The wizard convinced them he would be more use fighting alongside them, and was freed from his bonds and given his wand back. The party explored the cultists' temple, killing more of them and resting the night there. While they all slept, both the wizard and the Warlord had a dream of Chuck speaking to them, claiming to have been trapped in a noncorporeal state observing the world and being unable to exert (much) influence over it, but had discovered how to talk to the party members while they slept. Now, however, in this shared headspace, Chuck couldn't leave. The Warlord woke up as normal, and Chuck woke up in the body of the wizard. On discovering this, the Drow pointed out that his "prayer" had been answered, and vowed to become a Paladin of Dave. Oh, and then they killed some yuan-ti and some snakes.

They finally arrived at the city of Pravarum, where the mages they sought could be found at the Grand Assemblage of the League of Eternal Discovery. On entering the city they discovered two things: that the position of Captain of the Guard was vacant, and that there was an archery contest being held. Mouse soon won the archery contest, and the Warlord became the Captain of the Guard by virtue of turning up.

* Does no-one have any good ideas for a campaign name? Come on guys!

Friday, August 6, 2010


I'm a bit behind on my gaming posts, got another one for the primal campaign and n more to catch up on my campaign's history. But I just can't be bothered these days. Not that I've got better things to do mind. Just summer holidays/job hunting/general life getting in the way and tiring me out.

So, um, yeah. Just to say I'm not dead I guess, just bored and apathetic and unmotivated to blog about anything other than why I'm not blogging. Go figure.