Monday, April 14, 2008

"...and so am I."

I think I might give all my posts titles with the latest DW quote stuck in my head. The Fires of Pompeii was pretty damn good and we finally got to see it today. But first, Edinburgh....

Traveling there was about as pleasant as it could be with a hyper-active four-year-old in tow. Guest house was very pleasant and I left the boys there while I dashed off through the rain to the first session of the meeting which was actually entertaining. No, don't laugh. I abandoned the ICFTists to meet the family for dinner and after a few failed attempts at finding a pub that would allow the Terror in (cursed licensing laws!) we went to Bella Italia. Home from home...

Saturday was a mixed day - dashed off to talks after breakfast and got more and more depressed as the morning went on. Felt like a fraud. Well, I doubt I'll ever be able to stand up in front of thirty people and give an audible talk - let alone an intelligible one. Apart from anything else, I barely understand my own work, let alone know how to explain it to other people. Probably why the thesis is taking its time appearing. But I slowly picked up afterwards, meeting the boys for lunch and a tour of the Camera Obscura and the highlights of Edinburgh Castle - Mons Meg and the Honours mostly. Then we had a very pleasant meal at Deacon Brodie's where Daddy tried haggis and loved it and the deserts were divine. The Terror had cheesy pasta for the second day running, but never mind - he was on holiday. To top the day off, I managed to get the Terror in bed in time for me to watch the first episode of Pushing Daisies. I'll have to see if I can retune our TV to actually receive ITV on more than an intermittent basis. Although the news that they're apparently dropping one episode purely because they only have an eight week slot does nothing to improve the channel in my estimation. *HEADDESK*

Sunday was nice too. We dragged the Terror up Arthur's Seat, although he did a suprising amount of walking/clambering himself. Then we went and bought my birthday present and a kilt for Daddy and eventually made our way home. The train was less crowded than on Friday, so the Terror could have his own seat and he went to bed far too late for someone of his age.

Today we watched Doctor Who. And I think that's where we came in....

Friday, April 11, 2008

Curse you Paul Cornell!

For making me spend more money - but the whole premise would make me intrigued and excited anyway (I love that type of stuff) despite not being a big FF fan. Bah. And I might have to buy the Primeval Season Two boxset just for his episode...although I suppose I ought to be sensible and buy Heroes instead. That would be a better investment, I guess.

In other news, we're off to Edinburgh for I have a conference to attend (don't worry, I'm not doing anything stupid like giving a talk) and I didn't feel comfortable going on my own. Besides, Daddy and the Terror have never been to Scotland before - how can someone reach the ripe old age of 29 and not have been to Scotland? It's not like it's far far away - and so a family holiday seemed in order.

So I suppose I ought to be getting ready to go rather than geeking out....

Monday, April 7, 2008

"Help! Help! I'm being repressed!"

Introduced the Terror to the joys that is Monty Python and the Holy Grail - bit too much swearing maybe, but he hasn't picked up that yet. Just played at being "knights of Camelot" all weekend. And we now have to watch it at every available opportunity - well shucks.

Still going "Squee!" over Doctor Who returning. Episode on Saturday was good fun - the Adipose were cute and Donna had changed believably and David was as gorgeous as ever and the miming bit was genius and laugh-out-loud fun! So today has been catching up on other stuff - forums I usually try and avoid, podcast of interview with DT, Doctor Who Confidential and of course the episode itself again with commentary thanks to iPLayer.

Other than that - trying to struggle on with being Mummy when I really don't want to. And not letting it show too much or Daddy starts getting down and stressed and I can't cope with that.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Um...not been too bad I guess. Managed to get computer working again (new power supply), played a few games of Wings of War which is so much fun we might have to get a copy, and despite a slight crisis with the car door (couldn't shut it until the RAC man came out, then what we'd tried before worked first time of course) things went pretty well.

Or possibly I just don't remember the bad bits.

Anyway, last night I finally gave up trying to get the "universal" remote I bought to work with the DVD player and played Morrowind instead. And today we've bought another cheap-ass DVD player and the remote works fine. We also have a spare DVD player, just in case. Yesterday we also received our BeBox and so we should have broadband from tomorrow - woot!

Had lunch with G'dad and P in town then went for walk around walls - the Terror and Daddy were so shattered they slept for nearly two hours after we got home. So the little one missed nursery, but then we don't see his granddad much so I suppose that's ok.

Think that's all the news.