Sunday, August 9, 2015

Nine Things About Nine Worlds

*cough* *splutter*

Blimey, lets open a window in here and let some air in, eh?

*waves metaphorical duster about*


We just got back from Nine Worlds 2015. It was great fun, and only caused a bit of stress because I slipped into the mindset of "Must Do All The Things!" which is impossible, especially if you need to eat. So a "Nine Things About Nine Worlds" post seemed like a good idea, as a bit of a post-event wind-down.

  1. Staying in the same hotel as the con? Big and clever. Not only is the Radisson a pretty darn nice place (as you might expect from a 4-star hotel) with an impressive breakfast buffet (cheese for breakfast - it's the way forward), but virtually no travel time means you get to experience much more of the event. Case in point: dragging an already tired 11 year old to Just A Minute Only a Moment starting at 10 pm would be impossible if it wasn't just a two minute walk back to our room at the end. 
  2. Only a Moment! I've been wanting to see one of Paul Cornell's fabled "Just A Minute"s at a con for some time now and wasn't disappointed. Joe Abercombie all but walked away with it, but all four panellists were great and even the Boy enjoyed it despite being shattered and not understanding half the topics (or indeed, all the rules). 
  3. All the panels and discussions we made it too were pretty good: some better moderated than other, but interesting, well-informed panellists, good humour and audience participation were the order of the day. I never had the courage to ask a question, but the Wife did a fair bit and got some good responses. 
  4. We took a stack of books down to get signed and actually got them all signed, despite missing one scheduled session. This is because Joanne Harris is lovely and recognised us from previous day and a book-signing we went to earlier in the year. And possibly Twitter.
  5. Actually all the authors we spoke to were lovely. As well as the three mentioned above, we bought and has signed Snorri Kristjansson's first book after seeing him on a panel. And not just the authors - every single person we interacted with was friendly and helpful. I just wish I hadn't had an attack of shy every time I approached someone: just about managed to give away my "Awesome Cosplay" tokens.
  6. We bought other books too - some that we'd been meaning to get for a while as well as those on a whim. With the freebies given away in the goodie bags, we came home with quite a lot of books. Just before moving house. Oh well.
  7. Genki Gear t-shirts! I splashed out on the convention tee, the Boy got the classic "Hamsters Everywhere Salute You" and the Wife got one of their 10 for 10 - the new "Science Investigates the Unknown". 
  8. It's not all positives though: the popularity of some panels meant unless you got there early there was no chance of getting in - resulting in long queues and quite a few disappointments. And having the Boy in tow meant I didn't feel up to running about trying to squeeze into second or third options. 
  9. Once again, I tended towards the All The Books track and once again I came away thinking "I should try writing again". And so I will. 
Definitely, definitely going again next year. With more flexible plans but hopefully more courage to get involved.