Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Spring Moot

[Warning - this post contains LARP]

First event of the year, and the boy had huge amount of keen because he got to play his new character. Now that he's ten he can take Spellcasting and spent most of the weekend learning how effective Chant of Melee Immunity is. Barely saw him at all as he spent most of time playing with other children in the faction. Did occasionally have to track him down to make sure he ate though.

I did nothing.

Well, nothing much. I sat and chatted, sat and enjoyed the sun, sat and enjoyed the shade, etc etc. Occasionally we were attacked and I ran around a bit healing people, hitting the occasional small skaven when our young defenders were all unable to fight, and generally panicking whenever I lost track of Rhapsody. So much like usual. But I did realise I was no longer actually scared when in fights, even at night. After eight years I appear to have finally trained my body to accept that I'm not in real-life danger and the adrenaline gets me moving but doesn't push me into an anxiety attack. So that's something.

Maybe next event I can actually try and pick up where I left off at end of last year and do something with my characters background.

(Surpisingly few that I can remember)

  • "I bring you a message from the true ruler of Lantia!" "What's the message?" "By the high power of magic I Mage-" "By my power I strike you Mute!" 
  • "You're too tall to be a gentleman." "I didn't realise there was a height restriction." "There is in this tent."
  • "Stand up and tell everyone what we did to you last night."
  • "I offer you my sword, and my last beer. It's been that kind of day."
  • Rhapsody on how to play Angry Dice: "You roll some things, and then someone tells you to roll them again, and you do that for a bit and then they tell you you did really well."