Sunday, February 24, 2013

Seven Things Update

A bit later than planned but I've finally managed to get together the energy to write a quick update on how my Seven Things for 2013 are going.

  1.  Learn how to play the violin. Well, I've bought myself a book with CD. That's about as far as that has got. 
  2. Start Family Game Afternoon. Started it, went well for a bit, but has trailed off last few weeks due to busyness and some apathy (and, indeed, antipathy from certain family members who'd rather be playing Minecraft). But it stands a chance of becoming a regular thing, even if not ever week, especially now we have even more board games. So I think this counts as tentative success.
  3. Stop being afraid. This one really didn't stand much of a chance. I have managed more "going and doing things" at work that I once would never have seen me do, but I still get wound up about them, especially after the fact. And being nervous makes me make more stupid mistakes than being calm would, so this definitely needs working on some more.
  4. Take a vacation holiday to Dublin. Not even thought about this yet.
  5. Find a better place for my money. Have a plan. A vague plan. It involves more time and planning though. And having the nerve to go open another bank account. At least I've thought about it. A bit.
  6. Try fish fingers and custard. Need more room in freezer before buying fish fingers.
  7. Be more involved. This is where I've really been failing, despite best intentions of nearly-two-months-ago. Another spate of tiredness/boredom/depression has just left me switching off after work and at weekends - barely actually reading posts on internet, let alone paying that much attention to what the boy has been building in Minecraft. And I've probably been neglecting my poor better half, except yesterday when I tried to make a fuss over her as it was her birthday. 
All in all a miserable one-ish out of seven so far, but then we are only just over a seventh of the way through the year. So there's hope yet.

In other news, as mentioned it was my SO's birthday yesterday (never ask a lady's age, I'll just say it's a semiprime, as are both its neighbours, and leave it at that). She seemed happy with presents, and we went out to Red Chilli (which is probably her favourite restaurant) for evening meal with, well, our gaming group plus one (and the boy, who didn't eat as much as last time, but was probably better behaved over all). Just had half term, and I took three days off work to look after boy while J was busy lecturing and seminaring and doing other teaching fellow-y type stuff. Was strange popping into work for just a couple of days, and feels even stranger to think I'm going back again all next week. Weird how quickly something can become "normal". Think that's it for a life update.

Friday, February 8, 2013


The title refers to the sounds I seem to make most times I want to say something to someone at work but can't quite figure out where to start. Communication - not one of my strong points.

I think I had something I wanted to blog about, but I'm not sure. Not having my own computer at home really stops me getting things down when the mood strikes, and then when I grab my chance on the family 'puter or even nick J's netbook for a while the mood....fades away.

I had a vague plan to do an update on the Seven Things, but as I haven't really tackled most of them, that seems a bit pointless. Also, part of me insists the update post should be on 21th February (and then the next on 14th April, then 5th June etc.) - whether I stick to that or not is anyone's guess.

So a more general update then. Work is still going ok. I haven't killed anyone yet, nor even attempted to do so, despite several occasions of hunting around for missing paperwork that turned out to be on someone's desk (lesson: do not assume just because you asked in front of everyone that everyone was listening). Getting used to being a working mum, and having a son who's at after school club every day. Holidays are going to be more interesting, especially as I'm still not used to this idea of booking time off. Well, we'll see how it goes.

J has finally submitted final copy and just today got official letter of "you passed". So that's a graduation ceremony to look forward to in July, and fewer jokes about how I'm the Doctor and she must be River Song/Sexy/my companion. She's off larping this weekend - not running it for once, getting to play/drink/dance all weekend - which is why I have the computer all to myself.

Today was the funeral of a young lad I never met, but the boy did know from school. I contemplated getting time off work to go, but I suspect I wouldn't have coped well. J, being far braver than I, was happy to take him, and so, feeling slightly guilty, I let the two of them go. He was fine, apparently, and when I asked him about it, he said the ceremony was "good". They weren't close friends or anything, but he did have a soft spot for the apparently very popular and cheeky little boy. I may have squeezed his hand a bit tighter on the walk home this afternoon.

I think I better stop there and find something else to occupy my brain before going to bed.