Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Song Fu

Been lazing around, being a bit ill, not really up to much. The usual but with added coughing. Anyway, after I accidentally gave all you loyal readers false hope by not realising re-setting up Twitterfeed would probably repost my latest blog post to Twitter, I thought I'd better do an actual blog post. See? I do think about you. Just not in a creepy way. Honest.


Anyways....let me tell you about Song Fu. This is a music competition arranged by Quick Stop Entertainment that I first became aware of a year ago when a friend (of the "larp friend" variety, i.e. someone I've probably never actually spoken to because I'm so gorram shy) called Joe Lamb begged people for votes. (Joe's stuff is quite good, you can listen to a bunch of it here.) The idea is to promote and inspire creativity in under-recognised musicians by challenging them to write and record a song on a specific idea (last time included "using only ten words" and "happiness" as challenges) in a week and visitors to the website vote for their favourites. (I'm rubbish at explaining stuff, I hope that vaguely made sense and wasn't too inaccurate.)

So, if you like quirky independent music then you should definitely go along and listen to the latest offerings. Voting is now open on Round 2, which is all about numbers, and while obviously I'd encourage you to vote for Joe "Covenant" Lamb's song "2", I'll also point out Jason Morris's geektastic "Natural 18" and Edric Haleen's "Zero Point Nine (Ad Infinitum)" which tackles a misunderstood issue close to my mathematical heart (although the pedant in me winces at the use of the word "paradox"). Lex Vader's offering is all about The Prisoner - what's not to love about that? So go, listen, vote and tell all your friends to do the same.

Now I have to go find some way to stop my toes freezing off. Be seeing you.


Joe 'Covenant' Lamb said...

Yay !!!
I'm "quite good" ! ;' )

Edric said...

Bless your heart for picking up on the technically-incorrect use of "paradox"! You're absolutely right -- while to many it may _seem_ paradoxical, it's really a settled fact. (As you can tell, I ultimately decided to leave it in the intro -- and then dispel it later in the song -- but I did debate that while writing...)



Adele said...

Joe - I knew the praise would go to your head. Thank heavens I didn't say "great".... :p

Edric - I guess enough people who should know better misuse "paradox" that I really can't hold it against you. Common usage and all that.

And I'd forgotten that you mentioned surreal numbers which will make my other half supremely happy! They enjoy telling other people all about them...