Saturday, December 28, 2013

Another Seven Things Update

A quick update to prove I'm not dead and to catch up on my Seven Things before I make any more resolutions for 2014....
  1.  Learn how to play the violin. What violin? *blows dust off strange shaped case in corner* Oh.
  2. Start Family Game Afternoon. I did. It stopped. We still play games occasionally, and especially over Christmas, but not on a weekly basis. Ah well.
  3. Stop being afraid. I think I've actually been doing ok on this. Sometimes it all gets too much and I have to get someone else to make a phone call but mostly I just blunder through.
  4. Take a vacation holiday to Dublin.We went, it was great.
  5. Find a better place for my money. There is no better place. Even under the mattress runs the risk of it being stolen, and let's face it, interest rates are going to stay low for quite some time, so unless I want to take on more risk there's little chance of gain.
  6. Try fish fingers and custard. This probably isn't going to happen. I don't like custard anyway...
  7. Be more involved. Again, I've...not. I've been withdrawing again, which makes me wonder if it is at least partially seasonal, and not really got back into Twitter or Facebook or blogging like I hoped I might. I may yet still give in and declare this blog dead, although I'd like to keep at least some of the posts. Far too many of them are moaning about how I don't blog though, which is the worst kind of meta-angst imaginable....
So, that was 2013. Will do a proper run down of the year later, if I remember. And then for next year? We'll see.

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