Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Gathering 1115AF

Caution: this post contains material which may be unsuitable for non-larpers. It contains no news about house-buying, or my attempts at writing. It is mostly a list of good (and not-so-good) things that happened during my weekend in a field.

Things (Hots, Nots, etc. in no particular order)
  • Thursday night. First one we've made in a while due to work, and while I never enjoy putting up (or rather, helping put up) a tent in the dark, it was worth it for the silly chat and booze and getting to actually see people.
  • Hard time in, complete with IC brief and then a big battle straight off. Was cool, even if it did throw everyone off for the rest of the evening and I got tired very, very quickly and went to bed early. 
  • Food, provided for by our wonderful friend, was great as always. 
  • The Boy was pretty well-behaved, if a bit grumbly at times. Amazed once again how confident he is to wander off to vendors by himself and get a drink and make his own way to and fro from kids plot. Next step: getting him to make his own lunches....
  • He even came on a linear with us, even if he didn't get to do much.
  • Linear! Didn't go down how it planned, but is always fun to go off with the group (and friends) to try and talk to bad guys, arrest them, and knock them unconscious only if necessary. Because that's how we do things.
  • Speaking of which, we had a staggering number of members this event. Then one got himself killed, but we were still in double figures, which is just fantastic. And both our squires survived! Despite going face to face with the Big Bad at the end!
  • Final battle was nice and crunchy but not ludicrous. And yes, Squire Keen II literally skipping off to hit the Big Bad with the newly recovered faction iconic was a great sight.
  • And I don't think I got knocked out at all in the final fight. Unlike the first one, and several other skirmishes in camp. I'm getting better at watching my back, but no better at dodging or parrying sadly.
  • Being stuck behind the line on the gate when I know there are people on the ground (and possible, or definitely dying) is getting very frustrating. Not arrogant enough to think I might have saved them, but seriously tempted by Traverse Faction Wards
  • Tagging along with first one, then the other, crown, after order was given that neither should do anywhere without at least three people. Both have the annoying tendency to wander off when you're looking the other way.
  • Rain on the last day. Constant rain. Made worse by the nice weather the rest of the weekend. 
  • Last but by no means least: I was given the faction Tier 5 training voucher. Despite pretty much everyone saying this was deserved, I don't think my character will ever accept that she did anything to earn it. Adele is just starting to admit that maybe she doesn't do a shoddy job. Both are pleased as punch about it, though, and looking forward to being able to heal those pesky people with Magical patterns next year...
Again, usual disclaimers that I have probably forgotten things. I do love this crazy hobby my girlfriend dragged me along to.


Russell Phillips said...

You got the tier 5 training voucher? That's fantastic! Go you :)

Adele said...

Thanks. I'm still grinning about it. :)