Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Molto bene!

Wow....Midnight was a bit good wasn't it? Moffat level of goodness in fact. And people say RTD can't write, huh? Best episode of the series so far - I foresee a Hugo nomination in the future.

Ok, rest of weekend. Well, Daddy was off "in Derby fighting monsters" so various friends helped out in keeping the Terror and me occupied. There were some tantrums of course, but mostly I was good. He missed his Daddy terribly and picked out his own card and present for Father's Day. We survived. Next weekend is Moot 2, so we have to do it all over again - only without T who will also be going for his first taste of larping. All this of course is just making me look forward even more to the Gathering in August. Can. Not. Wait.

Before then though we have to continue trying to get the Terror ready for school (manage toilet on own, get used to cutting up own food, get dressed on own, get up in time etc) and we're about to start a Weapons of the Gods game - with Daddy GMing not me! So less stress for me, more for him. We've just finished making our characters - in an unusual move we only have one fighter...and two cooks. Should be interesting....

Mostly of course, I am writing this in order to avoid work. And the consequential depression. Sooner or later I suppose I'll have to have another go. Or I could take up writing short stories again....

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