Friday, December 26, 2008


It was quite nice I suppose. Was feeling a bit disillusioned (part of that whole "being growed-up" thing I suspect) before and then on Christmas Eve had a slight moment of worry when Daddy discovered the Terror had asked Santa for a farm and was thus understandably expecting him to bring him a farm in the morning. He was only slightly disappointed on emptying his stocking and realising there didn't seem to be one. His actual present, a Ben 10 Deluxe Omnitrix, soon made him forget, and he's barely taken it off his wrist since.

Christmas lunch was at Nana's and much present opening later we spent the day playing a pirate card game with the Terror which may well be this year's greatest find (thanks to Christine, I think). Watched Nana's present - Wall-E - and the Doctor Who special. All in all a nice, mostly quiet, day.

Today has been spent trying to convince the Terror to do something other than play Sonic. We got him to the park and had to take turns being the dragon for his knight to attack. Been reading Transmet and remembering why I love Warren Ellis quite so much. Otherwise been feeling a little...lost I guess. Christmas is often anti-climactic I guess, but I don't feel deflated exactly, just...yeah, lost sums it up best. At a loose end. Drifting slowly away on the breeze, to continue the balloon metaphor. Probably just failing to cope with the break from routine. And failing to think of anything more to write....

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