Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Campaign With No Name - Oct 6th

After defeating the vampires that interrupted their drinking, the party had a good night's sleep. The following morning, they talked to the innkeeper who informed them the vampires were believed to have a lair in an old tomb in the very centre of the forest. After a long, wet, walk, the party found the stone stairs down into the tomb and entered.

Inside were several townspeople who seemed to worship "the master" and attacked them, despite the Warlord's efforts to get them to worship him instead. The cultists were easily dealt with, but the three snake constructs that guarded the corridor leading to the main chamber of the tomb provided more of a problem. Eventually, the Warlord had to actually get down from the steps and engage in the fight, rather than leave everything to the others.

The next room was a large one, containing two towering zombie hulks and several vampires. Chuck immediately divided the room in two with a Wall of Fire, so they only had to deal with a few vampires and one zombie to start with. The vampires were once again easily dispatched, and the zombie destroyed by being pushed into the wall of fire. However, once the wall was dropped, they discovered the zombie could get up again...This time, the two zombies caused some problems as they could hit quite hard, while the vampire minions were still mostly ineffectual. The vampire lord that they had defeated the previous night hung back until the zombies were nearly defeated, and then rushed forward and dominated the Warlord before charging at Chuck. The Drow was able to finish off the zombie and deal a large amount of damage to the vampire lord. The mind-controlled Warlord then charged him before being able to shake off the effect, and Chuck rushed toward him to help him recover from the aftereffects of the vampire being inside his head. The vampire lord took this opportunity to turn into mist and flee through another door, deeper into the tomb.....

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