Friday, January 10, 2014

Post-Pub Bloggage

I never did come up with a new year's resolution, not properly.

Have spent last two days agonising over my appraisal form - that thing that I've never had to do before because I've never been in a job long enough to need to. It was sort-of optional, but as the aim seems to be to make me a permanent member of staff rather than an agency worker, it seemed like a good idea. The main aim should be "personal development". I still have no idea what I want from this job. Still being there 14 months on is about as good as I'd hoped for. Still. I've filled it in. Mostly. And resisted putting "build a rocket-ship to Mars" as a personal objective for the next twelve months.

Pubbed tonight. Talked about larp and....nudity, apparently. And work. It may have been preying on my mind. Life outside work has been mostly happening at a blur - tiredness kicks in and then there's trying to get the housework done. Social life happens out of habit. It's been three days that the boy has been back at school and already I feel like I never see him. So my plans of blogging, or writing, or learning to code, or even just using my compute a bit smarter...they have to fit in somewhere. But I haven't even found time to do the ironing.

Have watched first two episodes of new series of Sherlock though. I loved them, flaws and all. I think I stopped expecting intriguing mysteries at some point last series, and have just been enjoying the characters. Critical faculties turned off, and just going with the flow, seems to be the best way to enjoy most telly (and films) anyway. And life, I suppose.

This was just a ramble, as befits the blog title I suppose. And a distraction from the inevitable post-pub blues, at least long enough for me to get sleepy enough to go to bed. As it's nearly tomorrow, that's where I should be heading.

So long, folks.

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