Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Um...not been too bad I guess. Managed to get computer working again (new power supply), played a few games of Wings of War which is so much fun we might have to get a copy, and despite a slight crisis with the car door (couldn't shut it until the RAC man came out, then what we'd tried before worked first time of course) things went pretty well.

Or possibly I just don't remember the bad bits.

Anyway, last night I finally gave up trying to get the "universal" remote I bought to work with the DVD player and played Morrowind instead. And today we've bought another cheap-ass DVD player and the remote works fine. We also have a spare DVD player, just in case. Yesterday we also received our BeBox and so we should have broadband from tomorrow - woot!

Had lunch with G'dad and P in town then went for walk around walls - the Terror and Daddy were so shattered they slept for nearly two hours after we got home. So the little one missed nursery, but then we don't see his granddad much so I suppose that's ok.

Think that's all the news.

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imma said...

you can haz teh internets :)
** Congratulations **
hope it works well