Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Well, just about. Every day still seems to be a struggle but I've been crying less (not at all today) and actually got things done (ironing, game prep, nothing onerous). Read a load - mostly catching up on magazines I subscribe to (Radio Times, SFX Collection, New Scientist) but finished Iron Council (less depressing than Perdido Street Station, which isn't exactly hard) and The Unwritten (awesome literature-based-ish fantasy by Carey and Gross). Think that's about it.

So, yeah, trying to get ready for viva without panicking, still looking for jobs but not letting it get me down, all that. Doing bits and pieces as best I can and trying not to spend all day in bed or napping on sofa. That's harder than it should be.

My feelings are caught in a loop I know I need to break out of, but can't think how. Or rather I can, but that would be too hard and painful and would hurt other people too, so isn't really an option. I keep struggling on hoping time will do it's trick and heal everything. I think it's working. Hard to tell.

This was a mostly pointless blog post, brought to you by not wanting to go out in the cold and the desire to finally write something after several days of failing.

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