Sunday, April 25, 2010

Already running out of ideas

A few days back I had the crazy idea of trying to blog ever day. After two days of reviews, though, I ran out of time and focus and instead decided to try and think of something to blog about every day, but not worry if I can't. Last couple of days I've even failed to manage that much.

I suppose I could add to the mountains of words that have been written about the general election campaign, but I still feel a little underqualified to do so, being a political naif in many ways. (In fact one of my biggest problems with blogging is that I constantly doubt the validity of my own opinions and thus cannot see why anyone would be interested in them. This is probably why I suck at small talk, too.) There's TV shows and stuff, but I think I'd be even more rubbish at reviewing them than I was with Coraline and Locke & Key. I could probably ramble at length about how not to run a rpg campaign, and maybe some other stuff but I need more motivation (i.e. more poking) so maybe during the week.

That just leaves life and stuff, and not much has been happening. Mother-out-law been ill and still hasn't kicked her chest infection so may or may not be up to looking after active six-year-old for a weekend. Thankfully my parents jumped at the chance to have him, so we will be off to the Spring Moot next week without him, and I get a "proper" event without being tied to the tent once he falls asleep. Managed to get enough people together for a six-player game of Battlestar Galactica - I was a Cylon, much to C's delight as he always accuses me anyway. That's because he's a Cylon, of course. Last few days I've been quite "meh" which may just be down to being on reduced dosage or that time of the month or something else I just haven't thought of yet. Nice weather and mostly managing to not stress, but still feeling just a bit sad for some undefinable reason. Trying to ignore it and get on with housework, reading (Complete Arcane at the moment. I'm pretty much banned from running D&D v3.5 so it's mostly for ideas. And completeness, because it's a book we own I haven't read yet), watching TV and doing game prep when I remember. Not sure how successful the ignoring part is being, though.


Unknown said...

Banned from running it? Not at all!

I just think 4e is "better".

Adele said...

Ok, so I was being a bit facetious. But I don't think I'd be able to sell many people on the idea when 4e is going so well. And combat is certainly much, much better, it's true.