Wednesday, September 5, 2012

In which I live-blog my game

Well, live-ish.

Present are myself, my partner J, GM C and other players T, F, D and F. We gather every Wednesday to play Rogue Trader. We start just after 8 pm with cookies and a recap of last three weeks for D who had been away.

20.27 We start! On our way through the warp, taking our passenger to the ork world of Stompgit.

20.35 We receive a message that seems to be gibberish. J takes it to the passenger to see if she can understand it. She doesn't.

20.47 "Define loyal?" "We pay them!"

20.49 Message is an SOS. We decide to investigate.

21.01 There is a hostage situation on a prison space station. We debate merits of inviting potentially dangerous criminals to join our crew. And how our passenger would react.

21.20 After much debate of tactics, they shoot at us and we get the message a hostage is dead. "That's a big explosion from one hostage." We decide to send boarding parties. "We should take over drinks and nibbles, then we can gave a real boarding party."

21.35 M decides to try negotiating. He points out shooting hostages just leads to them running out of hostages.

21.43 "Well, the worst that can happen is we all die."

22.03 We land at various points and begin to attack.M mostly manages to blow up a box of food. I start hacking the computer to disable weapons etc.

22.26 The hostages are rescued, the imperials are on their way, so we retreat after I've downloaded all personnel files.

22.32 Back on our ship(s), imperials turn up and take the station staff back. Apart from one who disappeared after coming on board, who we suspect is a prisoner in disguise. The imperials "shut down" the facility and tell us to taxi the local dignitary home.

22.43 We wrap it up there. Next week - Stompgit!

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