Friday, December 7, 2007

Colds, Wiis and Happiness

Been ill last couple of weeks. Depressed, natch, but trying to struggle on by. Today took an unexpected upturn, then followed by a party with wine and Christmas pudding means I'm pretty much happy right now. And slightly tipsy too.

Last weekend, the Terror showed prodigious skill at Wii Sports Bowling while round with Daddy at a friend's house. Naturally this means we need to get one. Here's hoping we can find one - before Christmas? Seems a bit optimistic. As our faithful PS2 has given up the ghost, we have room for another games console I suppose, but first and foremost we had to get a new DVD player. Suprisingly cheap these days, although we missed the special offer at Argos to get one for £10.

And at the party this evening, friend brought Wii around and of course Myrddin demanded much Bowling. I had a go and did stupid well - partly beginner's luck and partly because it's so much easier than real bowling! You don't have to walk and bend your knees to get down and you don't need to swing it round your hip thereby putting too much spin on it - it's great! But Myrddin and another guest mostly stole the show. Daddy did ok too, and won one game. I'm sold - we're getting one.

And yes, I am feeling rather happy today. Not just the wine, more a general relaxation and acceptance of the way things are. Hopefully I can keep this up.

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