Sunday, January 20, 2008

"A pacifist with a big scary hammer general"

I think Ultimate Thor is my new second favourite superhero. Sorry Jamie.

It's a been another week of not much happening. Work failed to happen. At all. I'm a bit pissed off at myself for that one. Mornings also failed to happen on more than one occasion, like this morning. And now the Terror is off at a friend's birthday party I suppose I'd better get on and do the housework, make myself useful.

It had some highlights -we went out on Friday night which was nice. Read The Ultimates, which was awesome. I might actually have to give some other Millar stuff a chance, although I still think the man himself is a dickhead. (Which appears to be a consciously cultivated image, making it even more baffling and dickish. Whatever. Some people juggle geese, etc.) Hitch is now my favouritest and bestest artist ever, and the commentary in the back only made me love the man more. Played some Portal - by myself that is, not just taking over for the Terror to help him get past a bit. Died a few tiems do to my inability to jump and the bloody live fire room. Gave up on Testchamber 18.

Also last night we watched V for Vendetta which was really quite good and, I thought, a damned decent adaptation. Not that I'm a very critical viewer (or reader for that matter).

So to sum up, Ultimate Thor rocks and I'm still alive. Although I'm not doing Science....

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