Sunday, July 20, 2008

<Insert Funny Title Here>

Dr Horrible was great. Lovely downbeat ending. There are too few supervillain tragi-musicals.

The Terror went to the cinema for the first time yesterday. He behaved, although was a bit scared of the dark and bits of the film and sat on Daddy's knee most of the time. We went to see WALL·E which was just as brilliant, funny and sad as we'd expect from a Pixar film. I was nearly in tears at the end and I just don't cry at films usually.

So that's two things to get on DVD when they come out. We just splurged on a couple of games for the Wii - Mario Kart, as the Terror has been obsessed with playing it at a friends' house, and LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga because, well, it's LEGO. And Star Wars. And now that has become the Terror's latest obsession and we have to put up with "Can I play Luke Skywalkers?" And he hasn't even seen the films. Guess that's something else we have to get....

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