Thursday, July 31, 2008

"Hey, I know who this guy is, too..."

I'd forgotten how much I love Ben Grimm. Fantastic Four:True Story #1 is finally out and is was just as good as I'd expect, frankly. Cornell is fast becoming my favourite comic writer. I might have to update my "Joss Whedon Is My Master Now" t-shirt.[1]

Locke and Key #6 was also awesome and a satisfying end to this first run. Happy to see there's going to be more later in the year - I've gotten too attached to Bode especially. And the "ghost door" is an idea I am so going to steal for a game sometime. Whether I manage to run that Betrayal at House on the Hill RPG or not, I'm sure I can slip it in somewhere.

Ok, more serious stuff. I've been....bleugh. Actually more meh. Seriously meh. Failing to write more than a paragraph on my intro, even after an enthusing meeting with my supervisor; failing to write anything for some time actually. Spending too much time getting caught up in other people's agruments on an internet forum is one thing, spending time getting angry and actively offended is another. I guess it's insecurity - I don't have a good enough opinion of myself to be sure I'm not in the wrong so I can;t just shrug and say "X is nuts" because X might actually have a very good point and I might be being oversensitive to how they're phrasing it. It would help if Y didn't fall into the trap of arguing back in a similar tone though. Sometimes people just make me sick and I wish I could stop myself from reading the follow-ups when I know it's not going to end well.'s escapism and a way to avoid work.

The Terror's been driving me to tears lately too - constant whinging and grumpiness. It's probably the heat, or maybe he's not sleeping well for some other reason, or maybe he's keying off my own low mood. Whatever it is it's wearing me out pretty fast. And I suppose if I don't cheer up soon, Daddy is going to drag me back to the doctor, which I've been successfully avoiding for a while now. I just want to get on with my life, while not thinking about it too much.

[1] I don't have one. I was talking metaphorically.

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